Beware of Aum Adventures

Please use caution if you’re considering travel with Aum Adventures Travel. Here’s a brief summary of the problems I experienced with traveling with them (click the link above to see all the detail):

Last December, I traveled to India for my second visit, this time with Aum Adventures. Based on my experience, I want to warn others about the likelihood of problems traveling through this agency. In fact, a head injury I suffered on the trip led to six emergency room visits when I returned home to Seattle and thousands of dollars of expenses, pain and lost work. Let me summarize the problems I experienced.

Ashley Melin Aum Adventures Travel Problems

Aum Adventures Travel – Open windows in winter in the Himalayas

  • Group size was 17, not 8-14 as promised
  • We were placed in open air rooms in the middle of winter at the foothills of the Himalayas without being told there would be no insulation or heat
  • Plans were repeatedly changed regardless of its impact on our comfort or cost without any notice or consolation so that Aum Adventures could optimize its profit
  • We were asked to tip guides and drivers at an incredibly high rate so much so that the company promised to refund us — and never did. It seemed almost as if the guides and drivers weren’t paid at all — relying solely on our tips.
  • Aum Adventure’s owner, Ashley Melin, was incredibly stubborn and refused repeatedly to make any adjustments to the problems on the trip — or any refunds

For more information, please read Beware of Travel with Aum Adventures